Monday, February 22, 2010

Cliff Sarde

Like electronic music? Then you're going to love the release we're planning with artist Cliff Sarde. Today we want to introduce you to Cliff Sarde, which will of course get you excited for what we're planning with him!

Grammy nominee musician/producer Cliff Sarde's work is a fluid and moving collection which fuses world beat, electronica and contemporary jazz into a thoroughly original and powerful new music. In addition to Sarde's saxophone and assorted woodwinds. Sarde's music comes to life via samples of various Eastern and Native American voices, drum and bass textures, MIDI loops, and a hopeful and positive series of Zen tranquility. This music, recorded in a desktop home studio, offers ample proof that the Phoenix, Arizona-based Sarde has concocted a truly original adventure in sound.

In 1998, Sarde adopted the moniker "Smoke 'n Function", (Mesa/ Atlantic Records) releasing an album of the same name featuring his innovative blending of jazz, world beat and electronica. Sarde's most recent release, "Enter-Tribal" (2004, Canyon Records) is a collaboration featuring Native American flutist, R. Carlos Nakai who has earned two Gold Records and received four New Age Grammy nominations. In December 2004, Enter-Tribal topped the New Age Voice Chart at number ten. In 2008 Sarde was a Grammy Nominee for his work with R. Carlos Nakai release titled "RECONNECTIONS".

Before his innovative epiphany with his new sound, Sarde tread a more traditional musical path. He spent the Eighties recording a number of acclaimed contemporary jazz albums, including "Every Bit Better" (1983, Curb/MCA), "Waiting" (1985, Curb/MCA), "Two On One" (1986, Curb/MCA) "Dreams Out Loud" (1988, Passport Jazz) and "Honest and True" (1990, ProJazz). All of these have garnered national airplay on over 165 stations.

In addition to his recording, Sarde owns CE Productions, a music and sound production company where the multi-instrumentalist works as composer, producer and sound designer for various cinematic projects and commercials. Among these is "Quality Time" (starring Nancy Allen, Corin Nemec, Bruce Weitz and John DeLancie), as well as the PBS documentary, "Thieves of Time" and "Visions of Arizona". Sarde is the recipient of many Telly and Addy and Emmy Awards.

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