Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catching Up - Mesa/Bluemoon Adventures with Logan

Want to know what Mesa/Bluemoon has been up to the past two months? Owner George Nauful tells all!

"I’ve been courting a great rock n’ roll band from Scotland for the last several months that I really wanted to work with and release here in the U.S. So I went to Scotland in mid-December to see the band perform live in Glasgow. The band had been looking for a producer for the new album they want to record so I hooked them up with an old friend from my past who is the world renown rock producer, Keith Olsen. Keith has like 25 platinum albums producing icon bands like Fleetwood Mac, Thin Lizzy, Scorpions, Alice Cooper, Grateful Dead, Santana, White Snake, Foreigner to name a few. So I took Keith with me and headed to Scotland to see Logan perform for the first time.

The guys in Logan are really nice guys as are the managers of the band and they treated us with such kindness and respect. Glasgow was cold to say the least so we stayed close to the hotel the first day and didn’t get to spend much time sightseeing around the city. We spent a lot of our time with the band and management including the day of the performance. The day of the concert Keith and I went to see Logan at The Garage in Glasgow which is a popular club that holds about 1,500 people standing room downstairs and balcony upstairs. We were both so impressed with Logan from the first downbeat of the set. They are a hard rocking band with great musicians and great songs. Kenny who is the lead singer is a great front man just blew us away with his vocal prowess. The crowd went crazy on just about every song they performed but especially their encore which was “When I Get Down”. It’s the song that has gotten a lot of radio attention in Scotland and the fans loved every minute of the performance.

Needles to say, we loved the band and have made a deal to release the next album here in the U.S. through Universal/Fontana distribution. We are scheduled to start the new album recording in mid-March in Los Angeles and are shooting for a summer release and tour. Logan is a terrific band and destined to be newest stars of rock n’ roll."

- George Nauful

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