Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whisper My Name (Steven Santoro) Review Quotes

Here are a couple of review quotes regarding the Mesa/Bluemoon release "Whisper My Name" featuring Steven Santoro

From "All about Jazz":
Steven Santoro - has listened to a great manysingers, it seems, given the diversity of his output. He’s got a great voice and a great new CD - Whisper My Name (s/r), acompelling combination of romance and brio. As is often the case with young jazz singers, his is not an unadulterated art form. But when it comes to the hybridization of Pop, R&B and Jazz, Santoro gives a convincing argument for its viability as a legitimate child of the Jazz genre.
- Suzanne Lorge

From "ejazz news":
...Whether you know this vocalist as Steven Kowalczyk or Santoro, you should know that "Whisper My Name" is indeed one elegant piece of jazz vocals performed by a talented songwriter with a gifted voice, highly recommneded.
- Ed Blanco

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