Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MIDEM Report #1

MIDEM 2010 Report #1 (written Jan. 24, 2010):

Our meetings started early Sunday morning. The Palais (convention center where all the meetings are held) was not as crowded as in previous years, but we anticipate that Monday will be jammed.

What struck us first was the optimistic atmosphere! It seems that everyone is glad that 2009 was behind us. People are actually excited about the possibilities rather than scared about the industry. The changes in the industry have elevated creativity and the folks here are genuinely positive. The indie labels are shinning now and their passion for music is as heightened as it ever has been.

We had a total of 10 meetings on Sunday - some planned, some spontaneous. The feedback about our releases has been solid especially in the area of sync placement for our artists (commercials, TV and film music usage).  The level of musicianship and the diversity of our artists has been very well received!

It's always so good to be here - to see old friends and colleagues - not to mention to eat the amazing food!!!

Monday holds 10 more meetings for us and a couple of seminars. More later.....

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