Monday, March 22, 2010

King Sunny Ade Guest Artist Joe Doria

As we told you on Friday, the new King Sunny Ade album that we will be releasing here on Mesa/Bluemoon will feature many guest artists, so we want to introduce you to them here on the Mesa/Bluemoon blog!

First up is Joe Doria, Hammond organist.

"Raised in the Northwest, Hammond organist Joe Doria has been making big waves on the music scene and is the most sought after organist in the area.

Featured in numerous bands and CD's, Audiences are dazed with his ability to comp both the bass lines and the chordal structure of a song, while at the same time adding depth and dimension to every song he performs.
Joe learned from the Hammond greats of past and present with emphasis on his favorite - Jimmy Smith. It's clear to see that these studies are paying off. Crowds whoop and hollar along with the incredibly tasty grooves he lays down. People watch in amazement at his finger and pedal work. He is obviously at home and in touch with the Hammond, knowing the instrument and it's history so well as to make it sing in any situation.

Never limiting himself to one style and constantly working with new projects, Joe can be heard on many cd's and playing live in projects such as: Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet (on both Ropeadope and Hyena records), Arisawkadoria, DOS(e) with John Wicks, Skip Heller (Hyena Records), Chewy , The Drunken Masters, Jeff "Tain" Watts clinic, Swampdweller, The Living Daylights, Atma, The Stone Crazy Blues Band, American Idol winner "Blake Lewis", Michael Shrieve's "Spellbinder", with Farko Dosumov and Dave Carter in "Last Mile, and many more.

For more information on Joe Doria, visit his website at

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